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"Your software helped to make our ISO-9000 project surprisingly painless"

"We are continually audited by customers and recently we received an outstanding review of the corrective action system.  This is due to the class training and organized software (Action Track) you provided.  To improve our rating even more we plan on implementing the Training Doc software.  Conversations with our customers lead us to believe we will score an outstanding in this area if we employ it."

"We just passed our registration audit (with TUV Rheinland) with only 4 minor deviations.  I wanted to let you know how important your computer software was in our quality system development.  We are using both Training Doc and PM Master in our system and they are extremely helpful.  Training Doc is not only keeping track of our training requirements but also is handling our document control.  PM Master, of course, is maintaining our preventive maintenance system.  The TUV auditors were especially impressed with Training Doc, noting how much it is keeping track of."

"I spent a great deal of time searching for the right software package to manage our company's documents.  The problem I kept running into dealt with the need to maintain training requirements for new versions of existing documents.  Almost all of the other packages I tested would not have been efficient because training requirements had to be re-entered each time a new revision of a document was issued.  Training Doc, however, addresses that issue by giving the user the option to maintain the same training requirements for each document revision (or to enter totally new training requirements).  We have approximately 900 active documents.  They are all being successfully managed by Training Doc.  After entering all of these documents and their training requirements into your software, we performed a detailed review of what Training Doc reported in terms of document status and individual employee training status.   I am pleased to say that Training Doc was right on the money!  You have a great product."

"Cal Master is the best thing since sliced bread!"




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