PM Master

PM Master - Preventive Maintenance Software

Downloaded demo file program includes tutorial, practice files, and a detailed manual to assist your evaluation.

$249.95+ S&H (price will increase February 1, 2009)


PM Master Main Screen

In the equipment screen, add equipment, maintenance tasks by frequency, and task instructions (maintenance records are added in this screen automatically when a group of tasks is "checked off")

An alarm on the main screen warns when maintenance is near due in the near future (this alarm is on in this image).  Print a set of maintenance checklists (which may include detailed instructions) for each of these instruments. 

Other alarms warn if maintenance is past due or if replacement part inventory is running low (replacement parts do not have to be entered)

Optionally, add replacement parts, defining which equipment requires which replacement parts - also maintain a replacement parts inventory level 

Optionally, add replacement part suppliers and their contact information, defining which parts are available from which suppliers.


Equipment Screen

Enter equipment that requires regular maintenance

An Equipment ID is assigned to each piece of equipment








Task Groups in the Equipment Screen

Each Equipment ID will have one or more task groups.  Shown here are the three task groups (A, B, & C), for equipment ID #5 (notice the #5 above the equipment button at the bottom of the screen, which designates the current equipment ID.  Also notice that the Task Groups button is selected at the bottom)

Tasks performed at the same frequency are combined under the same task group.  A task group must be added before the actual tasks, and its frequency must be defined.

For example, in this image, task group A  is labeled the "high frequency" task group.  Its tasks will be done every 2 weeks.   Task group B is labeled the "medium frequency" task group.  It tasks will be done every 3 months.

In addition to defining a frequency, you can also define a "pre-warning" if you wish to be warned a fixed amount of time before the task group is actually due for maintenance.  For example, you may require maintenance every 6 months but wish to be warned a week before it is due to begin preparations.  The alarm on the main screen (shown in the first image) would turn on one week before the 6 month period is due to expire.  


Tasks Screen

Each task group will have one or more tasks.  Shown here are the three tasks (1,2 & 3), for equipment ID #5 -Task Group B  (notice the #5 above the equipment button and the letter B above the Task Groups button at the bottom of the screen).  Also notice that the Tasks button is selected at the bottom)

These are the three tasks that must be performed every three months (the frequency of task group B)

Detailed instructions for each maintenance task may be entered which can be printed on formal maintenance checklists (from the reports screen)

Optionally, define the number of planned hours for each task, and the number of planned equipment downtime hours for each task.  Then, the actual number of hours taken and actual downtime can be reported (optionally) in the maintenance log so PM Master can report on excessive downtime or maintenance hours (from the reports screen)


Reports Screen

Print maintenance checklists from the reports screen that can be used as both instructions for employees doing maintenance and as quality records after maintenance is complete the checklists are signed-off

Checklists can be printed for a selected equipment ID and task group, for all equipment nearing maintenance due dates (in the prewarning period), or for all equipment past due for maintenance

Choose from several checklist formats

Print a complete maintenance history for a given piece of equipment or all equipment (this is critical for ISO-9000)

Print reports that summarize actual vs. planned maintenance hours or equipment downtime hours (if optional maintenance hours fields were completed in other screens)

Print many other reports that summarize all the data contained in the PM Master database.


Maintenance Checklist

This is one type of checklist

This one is for equipment ID# 5 - a lathe 

The tasks are detailed for task group B

When maintenance is performed, the maintenance operator initials and dates at the right of the task and this checklist becomes a quality record

Other checklist formats include more detailed task instructions for each task.  Use the format that works best for your company.




Updating Maintenance Log

After maintenance is performed, just click "check off task group", fill in the name of the maintenance operator and click "check-off" - the maintenance log in will be automatically updated, and the next maintenance due date will be automatically scheduled (based on the required frequency)

Alternatively, a single task can be checked off, one at a time

If desired, edit the maintenance log manually to indicate actual maintenance hours and actual equipment downtime hours 


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