Action Track

Corrective/Preventive Action System Tracking Software

Downloaded demo file program includes tutorial, practice files, and a detailed manual to assist your evaluation.


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actmain.gif (16958 bytes)Action Track Main Screen



Just add corrective/preventive action request (C/PAR) records and then reports can be generated from the data in the Reports screen

Charts can also be generated from the data.


actcpar.gif (17504 bytes)Corrective / Preventive Action Record

Stores key information from hard copy corrective/preventive action request (C/PAR) form*

When a C/PAR is initiated, just complete light blue fields indicating the type of problem, who will respond to the request, the due date, etc.

After the root cause and actions taken (or to be taken) are completed (on the hard copy C/PAR form), then return to this record and enter the date routed to C/PAR administrator

After the verification is done, enter the Preliminary Verification Date

If a secondary verification is required  (usually during an audit), enter  the audit verification date.

After the C/PAR record is complete, enter the closure date and that C/PAR record will be moved to the archive file.

Note:  This software is intended to work with a hard copy C/PAR form.   Details such as detailed problem description, root cause, action taken/to be taken, and verification details should be written on the hard copy C/PAR form.  The information entered here is only a subset of the information on the hard copy C/PAR, and is used primarily for status tracking and management review.


actreps.gif (20344 bytes)

Reports Screen

Use any of 3 dozen neatly formatted reports to provide up-to-date status information on active or archived C/PAR records






Under ISO-9000, top management must regularly review the health of the corrective/preventive action system - don't burden top management with having to look at each individual corrective/preventive action form.   Instead, click a button here, and generate a status report for top management to review.

With one click, generate a set of memos addressed to department managers, summarizing employees in their departments who have past due corrective/preventive actions.


repex.gif (14712 bytes)Sample Report




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